Everything you need for a walk with your pooch.



for a walk with your bestie.


Designed for even the most squeamish of germaphobes. Completely lined with water resistant material with a secure Velcro closure. Easy in and out. Can be used to store other items when poop is not in play.


Need two free hands, attach your leash(es) here (put that drink in the water bottle pocket). Very effective for when it comes time to pick up what your furry boss has just put down. WARNING: This may not be advisable for everyone, particularly if your fur friend(s) is large and possibly a free spirit who will take off on a whim (road rash is one helluva drag).


A reflective waist strap for those night time walks.


Carry a bottle of water for you and your thirsty furry friend(s). Or if you’ve got a cup of joe, you can anchor it in with the drawstring (excellent for when you need to pick up what your furry friend(s) have just put down.


Have a dog in training? Have a dog who just likes to entertain for treats while walking their human? Easily access that reward!


Easily access your phone for important calls or taking pictures of dogs doing dog stuff.


Store a small collapsible bowl, hand wipes or latex gloves for that germaphobe.


Clip on some keys, a dog waste bag dispenser (at least until we introduce the dispenser that is being designed specifically for the bark bag) or a small flashlight.

Let’s Change How We

Walk Our Dogs

The Belted Bark Bag solves the problems associated with walking your dog(s). It is often the case that you require more than just a leash and dog waste bags for a daily walk. More often these items will be not fit in pockets and even when they do they are often not readily accessible. Hence the Belted Bark Bag. A bag similar to a fanny pack but designed with roving dogs in mind.

Make Our Walks

Fun & Easy

The Bark Bag is designed to hold items that are typically taken along on a dog walk. There are pockets for a cell phone, beverage bottle, dog treats and other necessary items such as hand wipes or a collapsible water bowl. Along the waistband there are loops with d-rings attached for the purposes of holding keys, a small light and/or a dog waste bag dispenser. On the side of the apron there is a grommet with a carabiner attached for temporarily attaching the leash(es) when you need to have both hands free. The most distinctive feature of the belted bark bag is the large pocket for the temporary storage of dog waste after it has been bagged. This pocket is lined with waterproof like material and includes a velcro closure.

The apron allows for the convenient storage of essential items to manage required dog-walking activities with ease, and to minimize the preparation period prior to walking by storing most of the items you will need in the bag and simply snapping the bag on when it is time to take a walk.

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